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#‎mindfulmoneymojo‬ is the idea that my profession as a Mortgage Lender can be intertwined with my love of people and their capacity to radically grow and change. There is an awesome crazy synchronicity available to each of us as we dance in the flow and create community and magic together.

It only takes a 20 minute journey to step into a new story.  Let's explore the big topics - CHANGE, ABUNDANCE, EASE, ACHIEVEMENT, GRACE, GOALS, MOTIVATION.  Each of these attributes has an underbelly - let's take a look at that belly, give it a scratch and set some new bars of performance or some new templates for crazy dreams.

YES - the Rebecca Davidson Mortgage Lending Team is here to help you with all your home purchase and home finance needs in Colorado and Wyoming. The TEAM has 60+ combined years of Mortgage Expertise. If you're a Realtor or a Homebuyer/Homeowner you will be taken care of in amazing ways - we are by far the best Mortgage Lending Team at the Best suited company to serve any and all of your needs. I hope we can count on you to think of us for your home financing. Call us at 720-295-8601. We're honored to help.

Rebecca Davidson knows that your mind, your money and your heart should all be going the same direction. Come experience something different. We want to see you achieve your dreams. #mindfulmoneymojo

Rebecca brings an amazing guided meditation practice to the communities she serves every week.   

Rebecca Davidson Mortgage Home Lending in Colorado and Wyoming services: First Time home buyers, Veterans (VA), USDA, FHA, Conventional and Reverse Mortgages.  See our on-line secure mortgage loan application.